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Nicotine Test Kit

Nicotine Test Kit


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Nicotine Test Kits Information

Nicotine: The #1 Abused Drug & the #1 Avoidable Cause of Death in the United States.

For this reason alone, testing for tobacco is performed routinely, especially by health and insurance companies (standard cutoff level of cotinine (nicotine metabolite) is 200 ng/ml.). Furthermore, fallout from Second Hand Smoke Exposure is now a proven danger risk -- even for children and non-smoking adults.

Smoker? Cotinine can be detected by a Nicotine Urine Test within hours after smoking and may remain detectable for four to ten days, depending on duration, amount, frequency of tobacco use, and other factors.

There are plenty of ways to mask the smell and stains of tobacco but there s no fooling one of our nicotine tests! Buy Now

Accuracy of Nicotine Test Kits

The tests you purchase from are either brand name tests, or the test accuracy has been evaluated in comparison to commercially available immunoassay tests at the same cut-off concentration of cotinine with 100 percent agreement. There are many reasons to buy a nicotine urine test kit, but no matter what the reason, it is important that the test be accurate. Therefore, when you use one of our nicotine urine tests in the privacy of your own home, you have the assurance that the test results will be at least 99% accurate every time. Buy Now

Private Nicotine Tests & Second Hand Smoke Test Kits

We understand that privacy may be important to someone buying a nicotine drug test. Therefore, takes great care in ensuring your ability to buy and receive nicotine test kits privately. Any communication you receive from Oteron will be labeled from our parent company (Momentum Enterprise LLC), to protect your privacy when purchasing nicotine drug tests. In addition, will never sell or share your personal information with anyone for any reason. Consequently, you can purchase nicotine drug tests with the assurance of complete confidentiality. Buy Now

Affordable Nicotine Tests & Second Hand Smoke Test Kits

If you are looking for the highest quality nicotine urine tests and Second Hand Smoke test kits for the lowest prices, you have come to the right place. At, we work hard to find you the newest, most innovative test kits at the very lowest prices possible, so that you will save big if you buy direct from You can't find many of these products offline ! Buy Now

Nicotine Test Kits Information

The detection of cotinine in urine is widely used to evaluate tobacco usage and exposure to Second Hand Smoke. Drug test kits apply the principle of competitive immunoassay; urine test devices contain a membrane strip that is pre-coated with an antigen in the test line region. Devices offer a control safeguard that indicate integrity of test device. We also offer special pricing on all of our urine drug tests that will allow you to buy different quantities, including bulk quantities, saving money on every test.Buy Now

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