Saliva Drug Tests

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For Forensic Use Only
Consider a saliva drug test, rather than a urine drug test, if:

* Saliva specimen for marijuana test (THC) may be obtained within 24 hours of last marijuana use, or within 48 hours of substance use when testing for drugs other than marijuana. (See "Saliva vs Urine -- Drug Detection Windows").


* Integrity of urine sample may be questionable, due to such underhanded methods as adulteration or specimen switching.


* Urine specimen may be difficult to obtain.


Test objective is to predict results of another saliva drug test -- specimen must be also obtained within 24 hours (marijuana) or within 48 hours (substances other than marijuana).

As with all drug test kits, specimens with positive results should be sealed in a collection chamber and confirmed by a more specific method such as GC/MS at a professional laboratory.

Saliva Drug Test Information

  • The saliva collection can easily be performed in your office, greatly increasing the ease of collection.
  • No observation issues, or waiting for shy bladders. Saliva drug testing leaves no room for adulteration.
  • Saliva drug tests provide good indicator of recent drug usage.
  • Fortune 500 companies are increasingly using saliva drug tests as an alternative to urine drug tests.